Saturday, December 8, 2007

Cruiser Christmas Party

We had our Cabot Cruiser running club Christmas party tonight and it was awesome. There was so many people there and too many to mention. Next year we may have to find a facility as the club has just about outgrown the homes. It was potluck and there was tons of food along with great fellowship. It's always good to get to just sit around and talk to your running buddies.

While I couldn't walk right after the marathon I needed something to do so during Thanksgiving week I made a video with music for the club members. It has photos of several of our races and training runs in it and is about 13 minutes long. I wanted to post the video itself here but I haven't been able to yet so here is the link for now. Take a look and enjoy.


Susan said...


I can't even begin to tell you how AWESOME this is! I loved every second of it. I feel very lucky to know most of these folks. Heck -- makes me want to move to Cabot!!!

And I was honored to be featured in it. Wow!

This is GREAT. Please keep this kind of thing up!!!! It is so inspiring!


Arland said...

Thanks Susan. Glad you liked it. That is my Christmas present for the runners/bikers around here. And you are an honorary Cabot Cruiser so your always welcome to run with the groups here anytime. If you want to move here you already have friends to run with!

Anonymous said...

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