Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cold Sunday

This was one day I was almost glad I couldn't run. Annette got up about 6am to go run with the Cruisers and when I looked at the weather, it was like 30 degrees with a 14 mph wind and 20 degree wind chill. I really wanted to go bike with them but not that bad. They had a great run and about 13 runners showed up to run the hills at Greystone.

As for me, I got my workout in late this afternoon. I started with 20 minutes of abs and upper body. Then I moved down to the bike trainer, clipped in and took off. I did a bunch of lactate pace intervals which basically were high speed spinning for 3-5 minutes then a 2-3 minute cool down. This really makes a bike workout go quickly plus I was watching football and listening to the Ipod at the same time. I never used the big ring, I just concentrated on spinning different gears and my cadence. The best I could tell manually counting my cadence was around 130 most of the time when I was spinning. I don't know if thats good or bad. Let me tell you, this will get your heart rate up, even though your not pushing a big gear. Total workout ended up lasting a little over an hour and twenty three minutes.

This is what some hard bike training will give you:
Total calories burnt - 887
Average heart rate - 147
Maximum heart rate - 187

If I don't get to run soon I'll have to do some crazy long distance bike thing. Maybe I'll do a bike marathon on the trainer.

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Susan said...

A bike marathon sounds like a great idea to me!