Monday, September 24, 2007

Countdown to the Big Dam Bridge 100

4 days and counting to the Big Dam Bridge 100. I'm getting pretty excited. Biking 100 miles is going to be like running a marathon, well, maybe not but close. Considering the longest ride I have ever done is a little over 50 miles who knows how it will turn out. But it will be fun either way. I think I can do it and have a decent time. The scary thing is, my legs feel GREAT. I have been having foot problems for weeks and after putting some inserts in my Brooks Adrenalin 7's, no more heel pain! Even after the 17+ mile run on Saturday and Biking over 50 miles total on Sunday. No telling what I can do with fresh legs! I'm planning on only short easy runs this week to be ready for the ride.

To make things crazier around here, Annette will be running the Chicago Marathon NEXT WEEKEND!! This week and next week is going to be hard to get any work done at all. You could say its marathon madness time.

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Anonymous said...

4 more days. You better get in gear!! ;)