Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday starts a new week

Thought I would start with stats from last week:
Total Running miles - 31.3 (new record)
Long Run - 16 (new record)
New 5K PR - 27:38 - 8:55 pace
Total Bike miles for week - 14.8 (bad week)

It was a great week other than my bike miles. I did get a little over an hour in seat time. The previous Saturday I made up for it by doing a 40 miler right at a 17 mph pace. I'm beginning to get a little worried about the BDB100 ride since I may not get a 75 mile plus ride in before the race. Still have this coming Saturday open so I hope to do 40 plus miles at least.

After 9 hours of sleep last night and a total of 6 ibuprofen yesterday, my feet felt pretty good this morning. My calves were pretty tight when I got up and I used the stick on them before I went to work. They felt pretty good all day considering the 16 miles yesterday.

When I got home from work, I changed into some tri shorts and got the bike ready. Annette went to Jazzercise and we had plans to run when she got back around 7:15 or so. I figured I might get an hour of riding in. I actually ended up with about 45 minutes, nothing too strenuous, just some time in the saddle. Its hard to ride a road bike around neighborhoods because about the time you get going good, you have to stop or yield to traffic. I was still able to manage about a 15mph average pace. I really just intended to spin, but something about the bike just makes me want to go!

I got back home just in time to get a drink, change shoes and get my garmin ready. Annette pulled up shortly there after and got ready. We were quickly out the door. It was already starting to get dark so we both threw on some reflective tape strips on our ankles just to be more visable. The bike had gotten me warmed up, and I had stopped long enough for my legs to recover so this didn't feel like a brick thank goodness. I could feel me left heel was tender, but after we ran about 1/2 a mile, it felt fine again. We just ran a little 2 mile recovery run through the neighborhood's. Final pace ended up at 10:33. Faster than what I thought we were going and probably about right for a recovery run for us.

Tuesday will be a total rest day for me. Not scheduled that way but I have a Fire Department meeting after work so there will be no time. I felt a little twinge in my right knee tonight so I think an extra rest day will be good.

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