Saturday, September 15, 2007

What an awesome 5K!!

What an awesome 5K today. The weather was perfect, and I set a new PR!! I beat my previous PR set just a few weeks back by over 1 minute! My garmin said final time was 27:31 so i'm still waiting on the official times. I also won 3rd place in my age group and 3rd place overall Male Masters. This was the first time I have ever won anything in a race. It was a small turnout, maybe 60-70 people if I was guessing. I hadn't even planned to race this one but just have fun but when the race started and I saw the number of guys my age, I thought maybe I had a chance at something. I ran with one of my fellow club members most of the race and I think we pushed each other which helped. I never took a real walk break, only at the mile 2 water stop did I slow down to catch a drink. I maybe walked 30 seconds there and took back off. Lucky for me I knew this race course pretty well as we run there almost every Tuesday night. With a half mile left, I widened the gap between my friend and me. I just kept pushing till the end, though I really did want a break. I was elated to see what my final time was. I also got a really nice trophy for the 3rd place masters.

Me with my trophy. First time I ever won anything. 3rd place masters!