Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday night run

Annette and I did 4 miles after work. We waited till about 6:30 to get started so it would be a little cooler and the traffic would clear out some. We ran down S. First Street, then down Elm to Jackson I think. We were going to cross over and go down by the high school but the traffic was just too bad so we more or less just reversed our route. I was not feeling it at all tonight. I think they took a little too much of my blood at the Doc but I hung in there. It took some effort for me to keep up with Annette tonight. Here were the splits:

1- 10:25 (not bad for a warm up)
2- 11:10 (we were dodging traffic and stops signs during this one)
3- 9:39 (now we are flying again on the open road)
4- 10:40 (tried to slow down a little as this was suppose to be an easy run)
Total time - 42:01 - 10:29 pace

Overall about where I should have been for just a slow and steady. Mile 2 messed things up and i'm still a little sore from the 16 miler on Sunday. After running the gauntlet at the doctors office this morning its a miracle I even ran. Need some more miles tomorrow but I need the rest worse so it will have to be after work.

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Susan said...

You sure are a speedy couple! :)