Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday morning - the long run

5:30am and today is my long run for the week. Whew, I need 15 miles minimum, but would love to make it 16 just to stay the same as some others in our club that are training for Tulsa. My wife Annette our friend Brenda are doing their last 20 miler this morning before Chicago so I am meeting them at the River Trail at 6:45am. They are running about 5 miles then coming back to meet up with several others. The goal here is for everyone to finish together today and have a big celebration on the completion of their last 20 miler.

I was lucky last night, we didn't get any fire calls all night. I did run a vehicle accident Saturday evening but my station was canceled. Several weeks back I was out almost all night Saturday on a wreck, ended up with 2 hours sleep and then did a 13 miler early the next morning. It was tough but I did it anyway. I did sleep good the next day for sure.

I have never run 16 or 15 miles. Last weekend I slugged out 14 in the sweltering heat and then rain. This morning it is a cool 54 degrees....oh what a change a week has made! I have had some foot problems so I am hoping I can make it the distance today. At least it will be cool and I have no intention of running fast. An 11:25 pace gets me to the finish of the marathon with a 4:59:00 and I would love that but its probably not a realistic goal. We shall see as my long runs progress more. It all depends on the walking. Sometimes when you run with others they push you a little more and sometimes you just end up walking more with them. It's hard for me to run slow, so I need to practice just running a slow steady pace and not those 9 something miles then later super long walks to recover. We will see how it goes and I'll post later.

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