Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chicago Marathon Is History

The Chicago Marathon is now in the history books. Not only was it the hottest, but it also had two of the closest finishes ever in the Elite mens and womens field. Due to the heat they started shutting the course down early also. If you hadn't made it to the half point by noon, you were done for the day.

The girls all made it. But after the half, they started making people walk. I guess because there was so many people with heat related illnesses, they were running out of ambulances. At least one runner died and over 250 were transported by ambulance. Annette said they turned on fire hydrants and water hoses all over the runners to cool people down. That made what little running they could do even worse because their shoes got all soggy. The police were warning people to walk!

Here are the girls from Cabot final numbers. And yes, they ALL finished even though they had to walk 7-8 miles at the end. Pretty tough!!

Annette - 6:27:52
Brenda - 4:58:40 (really good considering the conditions)
Kim - 6:25:47
Michele - 6:09:33

Awesome job girls!! It would have been so easy to get on one of those air conditioned buses but you didn't do it.

On a side note, my recovery from my 18 miler yesterday was fantastic. I felt very good today, my legs and feet were not that sore. I ended up running a little recovery run tonight for 2.3 miles and an easy pace of 10:17. It was hot too! Monday will be my rest day as I have speed work on Tuesday.

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Susan said...

I tracked Annette all through the race. I was glued to the internet! I can't even imagine such horrible conditions. She is a trooper!