Saturday, October 13, 2007

New shoes

I bought some new running shoes today. Ended up getting some Saucony Hurricane's at Sporty Runner in Conway. The people there are so nice. I had probably 5 different pairs of shoes out trying different ones and they were very patient. Of course, Annette had to get new shoes too so what did she end up with?? Saucony Hurricane's also. I hope I didn't make a mistake on these but they felt so good in the store. They are very cushiony and have good support which I need. The bad thing is, I can't wear them tomorrow on my long run. They say it's not a good idea to wear new shoes on a long run until you break them in a little so I guess tomorrow I will just have to suffer. I had been wearing the Brooks Adrenelin 7's and they seemed fine, though not as much cushion. Mine are wore out, about 300 miles on them and almost wore flat on the fore foot area.

I also bought an achillies tendon strap to try. It actually goes over your sox and around your ankle, then has a strap that wraps around your heel. Hoping this may help that some.

This morning I ended up running about 6.2 miles with Annette and some of the other Cruisers. It was very nice with temps in the mid 50's when we started just after 7:30am. There were several different groups running different routes but since there was a 5K in town, we were all meeting up there. A few people in the Cruisers ran the 5k. I didn't since I have 20 miles to run tomorrow and racing would hurt my achilles more. Three of our girls took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place female with the most impressive being 3rd place. 10 year old Caitlyn Clinton. This little girl is awesome and WILL be a track star one day. Coach Dennis said we better get her autograph now as it may be really valuable one of these days. If she stays at it I believe it! By the way, her mom Jackie was featured in this months Runners World Magazine for her work in promoting running to the kids. Check it out!

This was Caitlyn sprinting to the finish. 3rd place female!

Some of the Cruisers hanging out at the race. Annette, Cindy. Brenda, James, Lisa, Bob

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