Thursday, October 11, 2007

Speed work hurts

Well I wimped out last night and didn't run. When I got home I needed to mow the back yard and I knew my heel had been sore all day. When I changed shoes I could see I had just a little swelling where my achilles attaches. So, I wimped out and called it a rest day to let it heel. It will, just takes a couple days. Annette told me to rest, she said "you did speed work last night" which is true but I need the miles. It's strange how I can run 18 miles and be fine the next day but one mile of speed work makes it hurt and swell some. Another good reason not to race the 5K this weekend. Now I feel bad because Wednesday was a total waste. I started to bike some but it would be dark before I could get changed & get everything ready. What happened to the long days?? Don't they know I am training? We do have a plan for the long run this weekend now. Everyone is meeting up at the River Trail Sunday morning and Saturday morning we are running to watch the 5k so I should be able to get maybe 6 miles in then. I'm sure I'll run tonight if nothing comes up as i'm sure my foot will feel fine then.

It must be the lull before the storm again at the Fire Department. It has been too quiet for too long. We still get our normal daily medical calls, but even these are fewer than normal. I know something big is headed our way again. Just don't know when or what but it will be soon I'm sure. There has been a rash of motorcycle fatalities in the area the last week, none in our fire district but bordering ones. I got a call yesterday from my Chief telling me that a guy that was killed in Searcy a couple days ago on one was a former firefighter on our department that I knew about 10 years ago. It seems several of these were people in cars blowing stop signs or just not paying attention and not the bikers fault. All the more reason to stay alert and be careful out there! People just don't pay attention to what they are doing.

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