Monday, October 1, 2007

A new month

Well today started a new month and new training goals. I am 100% dedicated to my marathon now. No other events will be scheduled unless its just an easy bike ride somewhere. No racing!!

Yesterday I got in 3.1 miles with the Cruisers and then we did liter clean up along Hwy 89. I could tell I was still tired, not so much my legs but just overall. It didn't help any that it was 88 degrees when we started running. Needless to say I welcomed the walk breaks and took more than normal. Mile 1 was a 10:23, 2 a 10:33 and 3 was a 11:34. You can see the pattern. We had some Mexican food with the Cruisers afterwards for sort of a going away party for a couple girls that were moving.

I figured I would start my October training off right tonight with a 4 miler. I left the house at 6:30 and it was still pretty hot. The temp was just above 80 degrees and the humidity was high around 85%. I ran my regular 5K route to Freds and back figuring I would add on some at the end. I could tell I was still somewhat tired, though my legs really were not sore. I did the run one mile, walk 30 second deal for the first couple miles, not counting having to stop once for a car. The last two I walked twice each, I figured why kill myself as I was still recovering some from Saturday. I finished the 4 miles in 43:54 with a 10:58 average. My splits were 1-10:37, 2-10:21, 3-11:23, 4-11:23. At least they were consistent but not near as fast as I have been used to but the humidity and still not being fully recovered showed. I don't think I was fully hydrated today till I got home from work.

Lucky for me Tuesday will be a rest day as I have a Fire Department class to attend on school inspections. That should give me a good rest going into Wednesday. Plus I really wasn't looking forward to speed work this week. Coach Dennis had us scheduled to do a warm up then run a mile at lactate pace threshold, rest 5 minutes then run 800 meters at lactate pace. The speed work has been hurting my heel lately but I may do the workout later in the week on my own. I have 18 miles scheduled for my long run this weekend and will probably do that on Saturday.

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