Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The dreadmill

Well weather has forced me to run on the dreaded treadmill some this week. I wasn't sure if I could even do it again. The last time I tried it I got on and got right back off because it didn't feel right. Still doesn't feel like the road but I can say, I do get a better cardio workout. Maybe it's the lack of air, not really sure. I know my legs don't feel as worked but my heart rate is higher for the same pace. Then again, who knows if the calculation is right on the treadmill. I may be running 8 minute miles and its saying 10. Irregardless, its still miles and it counts! Last winter while training for the Little Rock Half Marathon I probably did 75% of my runs on the treadmill. One requirement is some kind of music, tv, or other distraction. I don't think I could make it a mile without something. Just too boring. But, you always have that timer to watch too and try to beat.

So last night I did 3.1 miles on the beast and this morning another 2.2. Ran about a 10:20 pace last night including a warm up walk and a 10:14 this morning. It sure seemed faster than that. I swear it was speedwork but who knows. Good workout either way and my legs feel good. I'm kinda scared to up the mileage too much. I do not want to get a weird injury from it and thats my biggest fear of the treadmill right now. If it's raining tonight I'll hit it again.

My last 20 miler is this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it. We are planning on running at the River Trail on Sunday and maybe even have a little celebration afterwards. Then if I can only survive the taper!

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