Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday Night Run

Annette and I had plans to run this morning with Kim and Jane but rainy weather at 5:00am canceled that. I had told Annette that if it was raining, I didn't think she should take a chance running in the rain and getting sick 4 days before the Chicago Marathon. It wasn't a case that she had to have the miles. I was kind of happy that it was raining really. I had got to bed late around 10:45 and then about 1:30am I got paged out with the FD for an "unknown" type of fire on Toniville Rd. Lucky for me it ended up being a trash fire and we were canceled en-route. Sometimes those "unknowns" can be something big, but usually they are just BS.

One of the hardest things to do is go back to sleep after running out to a fire call. Usually you are hot, sometimes the adrenalin is still going. I wasn't sleeping good anyway so this was one of those nights so I wasn't mad about not getting to run at 5:30.

Annette and I did get a nice run in after work. I logged 4.25 miles. It was still pretty warm outside, I think more so because of the humidity. I had an average pace of 10:45, should have done better but honestly I was just being lazy and not pushing it. I did show the first mile at a 9:34 pace. I'll probably try to get another 4-5 miles in tomorrow after work. I don't have a plan yet for my 18+ on Saturday but I hope to tomorrow.

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