Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday - behind again

Its already Tuesday night and I am behind on everything again. I have been cramming at work for the past 4 days to get month end done, get property tax payments out, and get my people's bonuses figured up along with putting out the normal day to day fires and just keeping things working. I guess you could say end of month is "that" time of month for me. Once that last report is done it's like finishing a race. I have a bunch of stuff to put on the blog here too but where is all the time??

I did go to the running clinic tonight and we did a timed mile. My last timed mile was done on May 29th and it was an 8:45. Tonight I ran a 8:26. Not bad I guess, though I could have done a little better. We were running a measured loop in Magness Creek and I misunderstood where the finish line was so I missed about 200 meters probably of faster running but thats ok. I'll take an 8:26. Based on calculations that should give me about a 8:56-9:06 5K pace. Last 5K I ran was a 9:17 so it sounds about right.

I have a 20 miler this weekend and still trying to figure out where to run it. At least the weather sounds like it will be much cooler. I also have some more stuff from the Chicago Marathon I need to get on the blog. Maybe tomorrow will be catch up Wednesday!

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Susan said...

8:26 -- smokin'!!!!!!