Sunday, October 28, 2007

Last 20 Miler DONE!

That's right, another 20 miler down. It wasn't as pretty as I would have liked but I got it done anyway. This was my last 20 before Tulsa, so next week I will start the dreaded taper. I really don't think I'm gonna dread it that much.

Started this mornings run at 6:45am on the River Trail. Jane and myself needed 20. Annette, Heather and Michele were doing 12. After their 12, Annette and Michele were going to ride their bikes and crew for us. It was cool, around 50 degrees but much warmer than yesterdays 38. I wore the same basic gear as yesterday so I was a little worried that I would get too hot.

We probably went out a little faster than we should have, especially doing 20 miles, but it felt good. Really it wasn't that fast, we were running 10:30's pretty much. We really didn't stick to the one mile run/walk break through the first part. Sometimes it would be almost 2 miles before we took a quick break. Annette was tired from yesterday as she did about 12 yesterday.

We ran into Gary and Curtis at about mile 4 and ran a few miles with them. I conquered the Big Dam Bridge again. We also saw Marianne on her bike and got to talk to her while we ran. It always helps having others to talk to as it passes the time. About every two miles the River Trail has bathrooms and water so this seemed to be our usual stopping points. Sometimes we probably spent a little too much time but we were not in a race today, we just had to do the miles. It was all about time on the feet and the constant pounding.

Cabot Cruisers-Gary, Marianne, Curtis, Annette, Me, Jane, & Heather

Right around mile 12 I started feeling what I thought might be a cramp coming in my right calf. I had never felt this before so I really didn't know what it was. So I stopped and stretched it out. Seemed to help. I was almost at the Skate Park anyway so I figured I'd fuel up before the second part of our run. After taking a quick break and everyone getting a snack and refill, Jane and I took off for the final leg of our run. Annette and Michele was going to follow on their bikes to crew for us and help keep us going.

At this point we needed about 4 miles out and back to give us 20. We really didn't want to go all the way to the bridge so we elected to run around the soccer fields for something different. This worked out good as the soccer fields have really nice bathrooms. I really felt like I started struggling a little around mile 11 but my times didn't show it. Mile 16 started going downhill. Part of that was because thats where the bathroom break was.

At mile 18.8 it hit me. My right calf just said NO MORE and I had to stop. Maybe it was a cramp but it didn't feel like any I had ever had. It was tight, really tight though. I stretched and tried to walk some. I could walk but it didn't feel real good. I stretched again and tried to run. I thought I heard something pop, so I stopped. I figured I was done. At 18.8 I could walk it in. I walked for a while, watching my pace go down the crapper. I had been ahead of my goal pace and figured I would beat it today. After walking a little I tried to run real easy again. I could do it, nothing was broke or not working. My calf was still tight. It wasn't a pretty run, more of a hobble, but I kept going. I'd run a little then walk a little. It was painful, but not the kind of painful to give up. I wasn't going to give up. I could run it in. I was going to get my 20 done running and I did! Jane had already finished way ahead of me but Annette and Michele rode in with me to the finish. Afterwards we had a little tail gate party with snacks, fruits and drinks to celebrate. I even rode Annette's bike around the parking lot! Next up, TAPER TIME!

A brick after 20 miles!

Me and Jane, 20 miles DONE!

Me Jane and Michele

Here are the final numbers:
Total miles run - 20.01
Total time - 4:00:55
Average pace - 12:02
Mile Splits:
1- 10:36
2- 11:03
3- 10:21
4- 10:33
5- 11:12
6- 11:13
7- 12:31
8- 12:08
9- 11:10
10- 11:10
13- 11:00
15- 11:39
16- 13:15
17- 14:52
18- 13:53
19- 11:28
20- 16:52
Average heart rate - 150 78%
Calories - 2957


Annette said...

Hmmph excuse me but I ran 15 miles yesterday!! LOL

Arland said...

Opps...I forgot about that second run you guys did Saturday after the 12 miler. CRAZY.....